Keep Walking ….


I stood still, wondering and waiting for an answer!

Glancing through my window !

” How beautiful is this amazing moment” – was my instant reaction

Everything seemed constant!

Even the wind gave up !

Only the clouds kept moving, as they are meant to go !!

Gliding and sailing through the Gloom!

All I could hear was – ” KEEP MOVING “…

“Constant is not the best way to pass time, patience it  is ” – was the instant answer delivered

Meant to be things will happen , when its meant to happen








Dealing with problems like a boss is a gift to humans…Some top their results with high-end scores, some dance in between like a see-saw and the rest fail to take the pressure.All of it basically is a training that we all undergo..We know what we aim to be, but the staying power and the firm will to get in there kindoff drains away a bit throughout this whole process.The journey kindoff drags us all in a phase wherein our patience,dedication and commitment is under continious assiduity. “oh my darling you need to work hard, take this challenege”- says GOD… and once you are done with it he somewhere is smiling, knowing the fact that (he is proud of you).god will always help you no matter what you think of him,just do your bit of helping yourself.

Perseverance is the key and so is the case with patience.The resolution to achieve something in life should be in focus rather than the time taken.We all forget to see what is good and hidden in ourselves because now-a-days we are busy dealing and knocking doors of others(yeah,accept it my friend we really do this).we have so much more than what we think we could be and that amazes me to talk about.It happens during assiduity that we think “oh lord, was that me?”.lets all learn to sacrifice something better than being selfish…and this “something” is upto you to decide.Nothing is lost during this process,we only gain respect. the option lies within us…!! to choose the ‘S'(SACRIFICE VS SELFISH).

There will be a lot of people challenging you in all ways, commenting about your thoughts to be lame,through all this just remember… all that what they are doing is commenting and what you are doing is thinking….clearly show’s the difference in the standards.Read these lines by Garrison keillor,”Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have, which once you have got it you may be smart enough to see is what you would have wanted had you known”.Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit, isn’t it??…. exactly..!!! learn to read, learn to understand the word “efforts”.

At the end of the day, if you are the one who can question yourself with lot of “why’s” and at the same time give answers to those why’s of yours all by yourself… my friend you have arrived…..To all those who are in a happy frame of mind celebrate it, celebrate your success…To those who are messed up, hang in there buddy-you are no less than the rest….take your time….just be tenacious..!!
because every wrong thing in your life has got its deepest meaning within itself, like a self explanatory chapter which will help you walk towards to the right chapters in your life…..

love love love….



There are two things in the whole world that means the *world* literally everything to most of us out here.
There is a link between both these words, a bond which defines a human being’s personality.we dont really go out and say random things to people but, we say things to those who understand what we want to express through words…yeah and am not mentioning those who sit and do nothing except roasting.

Words do have a miserable, piercing effect on us that tears our soul into parts,sometimes for good and at times breaking the beating vibes…reading the Wintson Churchill lines adding a word before made more sense to me… which says that “we make a LIVING by what we get but, we make a LIFE by what we (SAY) and give”. we say and then we follow the path to fulfill what we promised to do… so we always should probably think zillion times before uttering anything out of our mouth.Our mind need’s to work a bit more because WORDS are contagious,we can never ever ever underestimate the power our words have, the penetrating after effects of words that can either leave a good smile on our face or it can leave a scar on our mind.

sometimes words are the only intense memory that hold us on to that person.which can remind us about them or the situation’s in general.Words can shatter souls (choose your words properly).stick and stones can break our bones,we can fix it up with medicines but the aching pain within words bombarded can never be sorted.

The soothing effect when we get while doing little things for people we love can bring the tender touch to our hearts. “yes, you can do it” ,”I love you” , ” I am there for you” or “everything happens for a reason” will sound perfect when we taste those words(meant to say) before saying it out in public or to those who matter the most to us.

Actions might cost a situation! or the will to do something but our kind words do not cost much, they just accomplish the magic needed.words should not be mixed up with actions or situations,they do have a meaning of its own.we can change our mood later depending on the situation but, we cannot really replace the words we spoke.
Have you all ever imagined, what would have been the case without words and writings…?? Actions happened but if it was not written nothing would have been named as history… think, think and think…!!!!

words are like drugs, at times they do replace saudade.It can describe someone’s appealing voice.Action comes in the second half scenes of the movie named life, words always takes the lead.Action speaks louder than words… yes they do!!! but what will be the value of actions if they dont get the right meaning of the words used to follow it up with the action needed… how can we react if we really do not know the meaning of the word REACT…..

want to know someone’s MIND read their WORDS,
want to know someone’s HEART follow their ACTIONS,
when both WORDS and ACTIONS meet in a human’s life love happens….!!!

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We all have our affinites on point and it changes with time, as and when we grow and build up a world and a good surrounding around us we tend to lose what we had and move on to more things that we get attracted to at that particular time. we call it life rules but it is actually our selfish mind wandering and observing things around. like friendship its the extended family that we make throughout our life.Do we actually mingle with every one we meet and made friendship with??? NO right, we are in contact with only those who could make a little place of their own in our hearts in which they will dwell for a lifetime. I have always been that person who loves to be in touch with people who make friends like family, who loves their friends like their own people no big difference comes into picture when they talk about friends and family.

The most important word which matters here is FAITH.Every move that we take and every thought that we think depends on the faith that we have upon our affinity and to make this venture basically also depends upon the affinity and love we have in ourselves. our world revolves around this word dont you think so?? like one got to be affinitive towards something in life wherein creativity begins with an affinity for something/someone.just like the word @LOVE, it brings the elements of the world together.A job that is for the universal synthesis, it is the baby of spiritual affinity and if that bond could not be created in that moment, it will never be created for years or for that matter generations. But, at times people do misunderstand not having an affinity to something as a big thing maybe equal to commiting a crime for example I do not have any sort of affinity towards animals but that doesnot mean that I do not like them No, that is not the case I simply like to keep a good distance away from them.

Affinity is simple, beautiful and intense with no laughs and hardships because it is an emotional love story with a weird moment.Just like the way Pico Iyer says “The power of affinity lies in its mystery the way it stands outside everything logical you step into a crowded room and see a stranger, and somehow you feel you know her/him better than you know the friends you came with” and true are the words when people say”The only wealth that mattered was affinity and generosity. Affinity towards oneself and generosity towards the world itself.”


There is nothing in this world more dangerous than your own thoughts…..

It is very difficult to express what is going in your head to the million people out breathing ,when at times you..yourself dont really know the why’s and the what if’s……

I say am over and out…..

Most of our problems can be solved if we dont over think….!! YES…..!! We over think…!! You heard me right….

Do you know why….??

Because we expect way tooo much….

We think and then we overthink….

Just to reach that level of expectations which is attached with every single situation that we come acrosss…

Something that , I dont enjoy….

I say am over and out

Do we need to do it really..?? (I DONT KNOW)

At times , I sit crying ..wondering things that dont even exists… worrying over certain things that I know will never happen… but still It is like those usual daily routines for me to over think…. killing me inside out… helplessly addicted though….!!

Overthinking is the heroine of my life….

Lost my sleeep….

Lost those beautiful dreams that I could dream all night….

Just left with shadows that scares the hell out ….

But … not anymore….

I want to breathe,

I want to dive in and float…..

I want to feel peace…


So for that, what do we need to do…?? Because I know even you do….!!

JUST BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE worthy of all the happiness in the world, blessed with the best things possible.. all that WE need to do is glide through all the negativity with a positive frame work and mindset because YOU are the vibe that can set your soul free…..❤️




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I want to disappear from this world as if I was never here! Because the life here is weird ……..

I thought by hiding the depression with silence the feelings might disappear, because the life here is weird…..


But people say! Life is beautiful…

You just got to start seeing how amazing it is….when you start to see the beauty in life the negative ugly part disappears!! If you start to see life with joy!!! Sadness will run miles away from you!! Thats basically how you should look life from all point of view!! One cannot have hell and heaven all at the same time!! You got to choose the boat you wanna sail in! No matter how big or small it is!! They way you row it back and front will set your goals apart from the rest….!!!

Niceeeee I said to my soul….

But what if, there is no peace ?? Without peace in our life! Everything else vanishes to become ash!!! And that my friend is devastating!! Nothing can channelise the strength you need to get back! And start again!!

Then my heart skipped a beat to say!!

Everything is changeable!! Everything appears and disappears….. there is no blissful peace until one passes beyond the agony of life and death…..!! (Read it somewhere past in those days!! )

Ahaaaaaaaa…. like wise no body has got the power to take two steps at a time!! So is the case with happiness and sadness!! They will never meet you at the same time!! Its when one decides to walk in , the other one disappears in the air! And likewise when the inital phase fades out ….Purity strikes its goal into your court like never before!!!

I sometime wish to have harry potter’s cloak that used to vanish him all at once from the moment!! But then later did I realised that! It was just a chapter in the books of wizards By a broken heart…. you were meant to see and experience all those things And understand the delicate detailing’s that was meant just for you to understand said life….

At times we think that we want to disappear… but all that we really want is to be found…just make all the happiness of your life from a bunch of quality thoughts! Let the source of tired tears vanish into the air and just know that what you seek is seeking you!! Which should always be happiness!!





(Thank you Divish Nair for suggesting the topic)

Uncertainty is the new black….

I spent my nights wondering and thinking is it smart enough to be vulnerable by making things certain and straight because the vibe that surrounds you is very unpredictable …!!

Everything around sounds uncertain….

From waiting and hoping our future to be bright to the other extent of dealing with present vibrations…

Nothing is stable….

Anything can happen within a fraction of second?


How are those rare humans living their life with all the things on point from their goals to objectives and so on?? How can life be so on point for them..?? Do we have an answer ??


People say have faith!! Dont lose hope!!

But dont you think … Faith means living with uncertainty….!!

Our intellect always longs for certainty and most of all clarity…But our nature finds uncertainty in our lives very fascinating….!! Let it happen, go with the flow is what we sense!!!

What matters is how you deal with all the you hug them all to your self and to your life will help you to transform your soul to something on an other level which can be just amazing to deal with…because it is rightly quoted *when nothing is sure, everything is possible*

Let the tides take its turn! Like If you get to know that it will be hide tide always,will you ever dare to sit on the beach dreaming a life that is perfect? No right!! You will always fear death!! And living a life with such feelings is no less that calling death to you!!

Uncertainty is fun… equal to challenging yourself..

During that *let me trust my wait* period, you get to unfold many facts about people…

You get to know the deserving ones!

You will get the clarity of your unstable vibes…!!

Clarity is toooo mainstream!! What fun does it have when you can investigate and find out the

Loop holes with your besties by reading screenshots!! 🤣

Learn to dive in to uncertainty…

Be a piscean in the world full of other zodiac’s…because a fish knows how to glide through it all……







I asked light to answer…💓

all I received was darkness to my question….


I asked my soul to answer…💓

Nothing but just fire was the vibe….


I asked my love to answer…💓



I asked my dreams to answer….💓

Till the time sunlight meets the moon said my voice…


A Roller coaster ride throughout, till your last breathe smirked the LIFE from my very own question that I framed hoping to receive an answer worth reading…..!! 🔥

Obsession Vs Addiction

People say obsession is the most wasteful human activity because it keeps on coming back to the same question that you started with having no answer to conclude….. well I would like to say that every passion when it has got a channel named inspiration, motivating you to be someone upfront and alive gives birth to a word we now call as OBSESSION…!!!! There is no harm in obsessing over a positive thing you dream to achieve at some point of time ahead in life……It is basically a driving force!!! For example…Is it worthwhile to invest in buying a car when you dont even know how to drive!!… so in a way we can frame obsession as a cure,Life without a cure is nothing…

Obsession is an essential tool to your creativity…. Brings out the best beast in you that will drive you to race with time….!! But yes!! Every coin has two sides…!! Obsession if taken up in a wrong way can lead to destruction….!! Like for example to be the object of someone’s obsession is horrible…. *a flip side of the world and aura that we are dealing now with* …. what consumes your mind , controls your life… the ball should always be in your court, so that you can decide when to hit that ball back to where you think it should go…….

For me, addiction is a deadly disease!! It can tear you into thousand pieces! Which was built by your obsession!! A destructive , complex impact which can be simply devastating….addiction is not always for the substance, It is for the alteration of mood that the substance brings about…!! The change that one can feel from their surroundings…. a bridge that fills the gap…one had created…..can I make a choice here? Depending on my priorities?? Will my obsession change the hope that I had lost due to my addiction??? ….. *I WOULD SAY TRY IT* ……

Am obsessed with the good things in my life…. be it friends , family and substance….!!

Addiction is a word that I would not prefer in my dictionary…!!! Because there is always a quality of selfishness that is associated with an individual when they are at par with addiction….SO, consider all positive things as an obsession and generate a fear towards all negative things as an addiction…!! Everything will automatically fall into its place……








Direct positive vibration towards happiness….

Something that matches to the wavelength of ones heart...DANCE

◦ With different dance forms to learn and practise, It is very confusing to understand which dance form to start learning with….first of all there is also this question why do I need to learn dance when all that I like is to sing! Our body has got a tune which is in sync with the vibe of our surroundings… every time we walk, our body makes a movement which is parallel to the frequency of our heart which vibrates to generate the energy formed in and around us! ◦ Our body is stiff like a rock…To break the system of our body into more flexible form we have classical dance styles that brings out the best flexible abilities our body possess!! The more flexible our body becomes, the more will be the efficiency to drive our system ahead in a healthy and in a helpful manner.The mudra’s and dance variations that classical dance style has will mould our body into an elastic rubber, very much opposite to what a gym can offer. To start with Bharatnatyam, expressive mode to the best is what Bharatnatyam offers in general.Would really suggest every one of you to try and learn a classical form specially Bharatnatyam to have that silk smooth body that you dream about every time you drool over some good looking celebrity. ◦ Work like you dont need money… ◦ Love like you were never hurt before… ◦ And last but surely not the least…. ◦ DANCE like nobody is watching YOU…. ◦ BE THE LIGHT THAT YOU THINK YOU DESERVE….. DO EVERY LITTLE THING TO KEEP YOURSELF HAPPY….. START WITH YOU SOUL AND THEN YOUR BODY…… ◦ If you have a soul worth investing….!! Am sure! What comes behind will blow your mind off…..#morepowertoyouall